In May, Westwood Lodge finished installing the medication portion of a new integrated clinical software solution, Health Care System (HCS). Beth Leney, RPh, Director of Pharmacy, says that the system will have, “a very positive impact on the process of prescribing medication and patient safety.”

The new system is able to be customized for the needs of a behavioral hospital. Westwood Lodge previously had a pharmacy medication management system however, the new system’s medication module has four components: physician, pharmacist, nurse and discharge. Beth says, “It allows  increased continuity of service with the benefit of many additional safeguards built in.”

During the admissions process, information on the patient’s medication history is identified. Doctors enter orders utilizing computerized physician order entry (CPOE) with bar code medication administration (BCMA). The order is reviewed, including for appropriate dosage, then passes to the pharmacist. After further review, the pharmacist sends the prescription to the nurses’ station to be filled for the patient. “HCS follows the complete medication cycle from admission reconciliation, documentation of administration and complete discharge information,” according to Beth. Error reduction is enhanced by bar code scanning.

When the patient is discharged, the physician can e-prescribe directly to the patient’s local pharmacy and provide patient-friendly medication information sheets to the patient.

Westwood Lodge is not yet using all of the HCS features that they will eventually. Customizing the software further to meet the specific needs of a behavioral health hospital is an ongoing process, but staff is working closely with the vendor and have already begun to realize the benefits of the new system.

Other AHS hospitals have implemented HCS: Pembroke, May 2015, Arbour-Fuller, August 2015 and Arbour-HRI, April 2016. Arbour Hospital uses a different software solution, customized for their needs.


From AHS News, May/June 2016