Excerpts from letters and comments received from former patients.

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“The best, most supportive staff that helped me to begin the fight for my life.”

“I would like to thank all of the staff, residential and medical, for exemplary help and care.”

“Thank you for everything you guys and gals helped me out.”

“Everything and everyone were great to me and made me feel comfortable in the program setting, especially Dr. M has always been very helpful to me.”

“I came in utterly devoid of any hope or any optimism for the future. Through the treatment process, I came to realize that I do have options and with some work on my part I can still wrest a degree of satisfaction in my life.”

“I have been in over 10 locked units — they were awful! I never felt for one second here that I was in a locked unit. This has been the best treatment facility I’ve ever stayed in.”

“I felt very safe because of the staff. Staff went out of their way to follow the rules, talk, provide me with a smile and a lot of support.”

“I was helped so much with advice, encouragement and getting comfortable which made a huge difference in a super uncomfortable situation.”

“Do not change a thing…everybody was very professional.”

“Such great groups. All of the staff has been wonderful and great—very supportive. Thank you and God bless you all.”

“I met some awesome staff members that were kind and caring. Truly seemed to care and always says the right things to calm me down. Michael gave me respect and treated me like a human being. He was genuinely concerned for me. Made calls on my behalf and that means a lot.”

“The treatment I received at the Arbour Hospital was exemplary.”

“The nurses are by far the best!! Very informative and very supportive. The MHA’s are truly awesome.”

“All the staff…thank you…God bless you all from my heart.”

“I am very thankful. I was encouraged to find the best in myself during every group.”

“I would like to thank this hospital and staff from the very bottom of my heart for all the support I’ve received since day one. I’m very grateful to have come to this hospital and unit for I feel better than I have in years. I’m happy and appreciative I’m alive and know I’ll be okay. It’s really opened my eyes to see I am a good man and I do deserve to live. Just thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart as well from all my support people.”

“I thank all of them for their collaborative effort towards making me feel better.”

“This place is great, don’t change anything. Staff was great. I will actually miss this place.”

“For me, all the staff and nurses were very kind and caring.”

“Multiple staff were amazing and provided insight into topics I felt already well educated on and they built on that.”

“Outstanding nurses showed me empathy and respect and were easy to approach. All the MHA’s were always on their ‘A’ game. Great job.”

“This is a good facility and the staff and nurses are good here. This place cares about us and the staff are here to help us.”

“Loved going to groups. It was very helpful information and empowering.”

“Thank every single staff member who worked while my stay!”

“I would like to say thank you to the whole unit.”

“I walked into your hospital with no hope, no understanding of who I was or whether I wanted to live or die…your staff saw my pain and reached out to me, l they talked to me, prayed with me, they knew I could not stand on my own, and no medication could heal my pain. This place gave me a shoulder to cry on…and an understanding that life sometimes gives us tough times that only another person could heal. Thank you.”

“All the nurses were compassionate helpful thanks to all the other workers for their kindness and politeness.”

“This is a wonderful facility. People would be lucky to come here if they need help. I feel very blessed. Thanks for everything!”

“This facility had some of the best care from doctors. I got a lot of help.”

“I am so surprised and amazed at the level of humanity and care that was shown to me at the Quincy Center.”

“Everyone that works here helped me out. Everyone deserves to be thanked for saving my life.”


“You are amazing people. The care and love you provided made a big difference in our lives and especially in my son’s life. Keep smiling, it shows how much you care. We are so thankful for everything you did for our son. I can see it in his eyes.”

“Keep up the good work Joy and Lisa. Joy is so compassionate when it comes to patients. She has a unique way of getting through to patients. They are awesome.”

“I am a survivor of abuse, neglect and severe discrimination. This letter is to praise Arbour-Fuller Hospital and its entire staff. I have been allowed to work through my trauma here free from alcohol and drugs. I do not have enough good things to say about the unit. Thanks again to all the staff on board.”

“Joy made me feel very safe my first day here I really thought I was going to be miserable and I was extremely surprised when she was able to make me laugh on my first day. Martha was very kind and patient with everyone…when it was my turn she always addressed me by name and asked how I was.”

“She was amazing and always there when I needed to talk. She always helped me no matter what. I don’t know if I would have been able to get through some tough times without her. Thank you so much, Jen, for everything!”

“I was at Arbour-Fuller Hospital and I loved the program. I have been sober for nine months. Arbour is a great organization.”

“I just want to write you this letter for encouragement and thanks. I’m truly grateful that even though you are busy working, you always took the time to help so I could move forward in my recovery. Besides my faith and spiritual beliefs, I don’t think I would have made it this far without all the hard work you did for me when you could have easily brushed me off. So to be brief, and to the point, thank you, and I thank (staff member) as well and all the other staff that helped me in my journey and just want to say I am truly grateful and keep up the good work. You all made a great and positive difference in my life!”

“Thank you very much for the program. I found it to be incredibly helpful and I think I will truly be able to use some of the DBT skills I have learned to make my life easier going forward. I have been in other programs before but found this one to be the most helpful for me. The staff as a whole were very good and seemed to work well together. Their different personalities and teaching styles were also highly effective. Again, thank you for the excellent job you are doing.”

“My group was led by a woman who did an excellent job! She really listened to us, gave us excellent feedback and gave each of us her undivided attention. She gave in-depth suggestions and also seemed to know where we were coming from…I was really impressed with her and wish she would lead more groups. I hope this affirmation gets back to the right people as well as to (the group leader).”


“To all the staff and counselors an immense thank you! You have treated me with kindness and dignity and I won’t forget it ever! Special thanks to my counselor and my doctor for all of your help. To everyone—don’t take this the wrong way—I hope I never see you again! Sincerely and with love.”

“Emily has to be the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. The effort she’s putting in to help fix my life goes beyond words. I will truly miss her once I am discharged. I hope that I could find a wife just like her!”

“Regan is the sweetest, nicest person I have honestly ever met. She not only pays 100% attention, but she’s a great person to talk to. High five Arbour with this girl here.”

“Thank you for being very understanding about my problems. Thank you for helping with my med issues with the Doctor. You are the best social worker I have ever worked with.”

“Mental Health Worker Hiwot on the Women’s unit has been phenomenal. She always went above and beyond with requests and I have watched her countless times check in on patients individually to see if they needed anything. I really felt like she cared about each patient and her professionalism is unmatched. I strongly feel that she should be recognized for all of her hard work. If anyone made a difference in my life during my treatment, it was for sure Hiwot.”

“Thank you! I would like to thank the staff for a great 13 days here. I was completely wrong in my expectations. Everyone is so caring and truly supportive of growth and healing. I am honored and truly blessed and hope others see the same!”

“When I first arrived at Arbour HRI I was a shadow of my former self, a broken man with no desire to live. I had been trying to drink myself to death. My options were death or a return to life in shelters or on the streets. I saw no other options. You all saw potential in me. Slowly but steadily I came to terms with my situation. I found acceptance. I learned I had a lot to offer. I found hope. I dared to dream. I envisioned a better life. Thanks to everyone here for opening my eyes and making it possible for a stubborn 50-year-old man to realize it was time to ‘get busy living or get busy dying.’”

“Thank you for being friendly and helping with getting a supervisor to talk to me. Thank you for being helpful since I have been here.”

“Dear Staff: Thank you for all the great care! We are feeling much better. Thanks.”

“Thank you for being nice and helpful the first time I came to Arbour and thank you for being supportive of me.”

“Tamika has been quintessential in my recovery! She is a hard-working, wonderful nurse who will add that extra boost to anyone’s day. Everyone is better off with Tamika in their life.”

“When I was told where I was going Dec. 22, I flipped out. I was scared. When I arrived, staff was nothing but friendly and caring. I am now nothing but honored and grateful to have spent the holidays in Arbour-HRI’s Women’s Unit.”


“I wanted to thank you and everyone in the staff for pretty much saving my life and showing me that I do matter and that I should love and put myself first. I will always be grateful for everything you all did for me and what you taught me. I will keep practicing everything I learned there! Thank you so much!!”

“I just wanted to take time to express my appreciation to have had treatment at Pembroke Hospital. My stay has been completely comfortable and welcoming. Your staff is amazing and always right there when a patient needs assistance. The MHA crew has gone above and beyond to help with any questions and needed assistance. The building is absolutely beautiful and the food is amazing! All around this facility is amazing!”

“Everyone was very helpful and caring. They talked with me, cared about how I was feeling, offered advice and gave me resources. For aftercare, I learned a lot of coping skills.”

“Thank you for all that you do! You have helped me during this difficult time, and I cannot thank all of you enough. You all make this program so wonderful, you are all amazing. When I was hopeless, you gave me hope, when I was sad, you all made me laugh. You all have helped me see that I am worthy of happiness and that my life is important. Thank you all for everything.”

“Everyone I encountered was extremely caring and wonderful.”

“Thanks to my case manager, doctor, and every single MHA. They were amazing.”

“I feel like I have to write this piece to thank so many people who have helped me. These two weeks have been so empowering and I really am in awe at how easily someone can change your life forever. Each one of you has made my life fuller and more whole. And thank you to the amazing staff. Your love, respect and understanding helps beyond what words can say. I love you with all my heart and ALL of you will do great things in life!”

“Staff took the time to talk to me and cared. Thank you so much.”

“I would like to thank each every one of the West 1 MHAs. These people come to work every day never knowing what they may face. I saw lots of patience and compassion from the entire team. It takes a very special person to fill their shoes.”

“I truly believe that as I pass through my life I will always remember my time at Pembroke Partial with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love. Every day that all of you get up and come to work you are changing lives for the better. I know it sounds cheesy, but honestly, with every euphoric feeling and every hysterical laugh I will experience during my life I will owe it to everyone at PHP. You have helped me grow an exceptional amount, all the while with gentle and kind hands. What you do kind of makes all of you a hero in my eyes and many others.”

“All the staff were very helpful, honest and respectful.”

“Everyone was stellar. They made me feel at home and safe. They were patient with me during my breakdowns and panic attack. My mental health coordinators were awesome teachers and supporters. Because of their support and suggestions, I am able to test out different options for my continued care, mostly because of the skills I learned. Thank you all very much.”

“I think they are amazing people and I am grateful for all their input and positive feedback and the encouragement they gave me.”

“Thank you for the wonderful care my son received during his stay at your hospital. The doctors and staff have been so kind and caring. His nurse needs to be commended for the professional care she gives her patients. He also commented on how good the food was.”

“Counselors were there to listen, encourage and guide me along the process but in a way that reminded me to be accountable for my thoughts and actions. Thank you so much for your compassion.”

“It has been a little over two weeks since I was discharged, and although they have been filled with ups and downs I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Light that I thought once was out of my reach. Thank you for helping me pass through my tunnel.”

“Every staff member here always went above and beyond.”

“Thank you immensely for all of the professional help that you all provided for me. I am forever grateful! I had the opportunity to meet so many individuals who both work at Pembroke Hospital and also a great population of patients who will be my dear friends for eternity. I cannot thank you all enough. This letter could go on and on…May God bless each and every one of you.”

“Honestly, everyone was great at this program and I am grateful that this support was here.”

“All the adolescent staff helped to change my life. Thank you for helping me.”

“I am writing primarily as a parent and caregiver of a 31-year-old son recently hospitalized at Pembroke Hospital. Arbour Health—in particular, its Pembroke hospital staff—deserves kudos for the manner in which they handled our son’s case. For the first time in six hospitalizations at six different hospitals over six years, an attending clinical staff actually listened to our son and did not insist in administering mood-stabilizing and anti-psychosis drugs. They recognized that upon discharge he would again cease taking his medications. Instead, they advised him how marijuana use likely triggered this most recent psychotic break. His psychiatrist and caseworker deserve kudos for their thoughtful care of our son during his three-week hospitalization. The staff conducted an EEG, discovered he had some abnormal brain waves and recommended he have a neuropsychological examination. We await the report and are hopeful it will lead to a better-focused treatment plan.”

“I’d like to thank you for your patience and kindness during my stay…You have very difficult jobs and your interactions with patients are very important. Thank you for your gentle care and understanding.”

“Phyllis, I want to thank you so much for helping me and for being so friendly. You are an amazing person. I can see the love and care you have for all the youth here. You helped me a lot, you made a difference in my life and that will cause a chain reaction. I can’t thank you enough.”


“I currently go to Arbour Counseling Services, Jamaica Plain and I absolutely love it. I attended Arbour Counseling Allston years ago and my clinician wrote a letter for me helping me get custody of my daughter back. I love Arbour.”

“I went to Arbour-HRI for many years off and on. They were always very helpful and I haven’t required inpatient treatment for a few years. I currently receive outpatient treatment at Arbour Counseling Services in Allston and I have great providers.”

“Please know that I appreciate and forever will be grateful for you and the PHP staff. Your kindness, compassion, humor and empathy have all combined to make this a good experience.”

“I hope you’ll realize this is my small attempt to thank you for your compassion, your empathy, your strength, patience, your care and yes, even those times you get me to step out of a box I’ve gotten used to staying in. As paths cross we take away small nuggets of wisdom, knowledge and peace from each other. Please know I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed at this time and place.”

“I can’t think you enough for all of your help, support, guidance, optimism, professionalism and genuine care over the past few weeks. The PHP program and wonderful staff have been an authentic Godsend. Thank you for doing what you do and know that you are doing an awesome job!”