Excerpts from letters from former Arbour Health System patients.


“I truly believe that as I pass through my life I will always remember my time at Pembroke Partial with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and love.

“Everyday that all of you get up and come to work you are changing lives for the better. I know it sounds cheesy, but honestly, with every euphoric feeling and every hysterical laugh I will experience during my life I will owe it to everyone at PHP. You have helped me grow an exceptional amount, all the while with gentle and kind hands. What you do kind of makes all of you
a hero in my eyes and many others.

“It has been a little over two weeks since I was discharged, and although they have been filled with ups and downs I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Light that I thought once was out of my reach. Thank you for helping me pass through my tunnel.”

Pembroke Hospital
Adolescent PHP Patient

“The program provides a safe atmosphere and reiterates it daily to reassure clients that this is a safe place. They all do a great job. My counselor gave me the opportunity to help myself when I needed it and for that I am grateful. I would definitely recommend this program.”

Lowell Treatment Center
Adult PHP Patient

“Thank you for the wonderful care my son received during his stay at your hospital. The doctors and staff have been so kind and caring. His nurse needs to be commended for the professional care she gives her patients. He also commented on how good the food was.”

Pembroke Hospital

“Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for everything. Each one of you have helped me during this challenging time to find my strength again. I cannot begin to explain how much you have all impacted my life and how grateful I am for it.”

Westwood Lodge
Adult PHP Patient

“Please know that I appreciate and forever will be grateful for you and the PHP staff. Your kindness, compassion, humor and empathy have all combined to make this a good experience.”

ACS, Worcester
Adult PHP Patient

“My daughter just got discharged from there and I want to commend your staff for a job well done. Her nurse’s aide was exceptional, always smiling and never anxious. Just so calm and professional. Thank you.”

Arbour-HRI Hospital

“I’m doing great. I just got a job. I got my first paycheck. I’m actually happy. I’m working on getting my own apartment. I love to walk. I look at life at a whole different way.

“I just wanted to thank you all for everything you did for me. I’m always thinking of all the staff, I know now without your staff, I would not be here. I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks so much.”

Lowell Treatment Center
Adult Patient

“My doctor and my clinician both went above and beyond to help me on my road to recovery. When I got here I was sick and miserable with myself and my life and I landed in a foreign place. I want to apologize for my behavior at the beginning and thank my team for being patient with me. They genuinely care.”

Lowell Treatment Center
Adult Inpatient


From AHS News, May/June 2016