Excerpts from letters from former Arbour Health System patients.


“This program transformed me from a sacred, anxious person to a woman with more confidence and direction.”

Westwood Lodge
Adult PHP Patient

“Everyone was stellar. They made me feel at home and safe. They were patient with me during my break-downs and panic attack. The last time I was here, my mental health coordinators were awesome teachers and supporters.

“This visit my coordinator was incredible. She took a lot of time talking to me privately, sitting with me when I had a crisis and helping me consider different options.

“She patiently answered a deluge of questions and that was an incredibly generous gift and blessing. Because of her support and suggestions, I am able to test out different options for my continued care…mostly because of the skills I learned. Thank you all very much.”

Pembroke Hospital
Adult and Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Programs

“Thank you for a wonderful experience! Every class was wonderful and educational. I came to the PHP after a series of traumatic events, and your DBT classes rebuilt my strength both inner and outer. I appreciate all of you! I know it is a team effort to help all of us, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Arbour-Fuller Hospital
Adult PHP Patient


From AHS News, March/April 2016