Excerpts from letters from former Arbour Health System patients.

“I’d like to say that the staff here is outstanding! They are very helpful, thoughtful and respectful. I’d like to recognize the staff that all went above and beyond. My stay here has been very helpful both for my mental health and for detox.

“I pray to never come back, but if I have to I’d want to come back to Westwood Lodge. Thank you for helping me to help myself get better.”

Westwood Lodge
Adult PHP Patient

“I feel like I have to write this piece to thank so many people who have helped me these past two weeks.

“First, I want to say how much group therapy has done for me! On my first day, I was a wreck! I was anxious beyond belief and was so afraid that no one else in the room suffered from anxiety. I was afraid I would have nothing in common with them. About a half hour later, our group leader asked the group to raise their hand if they have anxiety. Almost everyone did! Immediately, I felt safe and like I instantly had a family.

“These two weeks have been so empowering and I really am in awe at how easily someone can change your life forever. All of you are beautiful people, inside and out. You all have so much potential and so much emotional strength. Each one of you has made my life fuller and more whole. And thank you to the amazing staff. It if wasn’t for all of you, no one would ever speak up. Your love, respect, and understanding helps beyond what words can say. Thank you for allowing us to feel okay about whatever is bothering us. I will deeply miss all of you but really want to stay in touch. I love you with all my heart and ALL of you will do great things in life!”

Pembroke Hospital
Adult PHP Patient

From AHS News, July/August 2016