On November 1st Pembroke Hospital joined Project Outreach in partnership with the Pembroke Police Department. The program is composed of member agencies from public safety, public health, social services and law enforcement. Pembroke Hospital’s Director of Clinical Services, Pam Bolarinho, LICSW, and Case Manager Sarah Weafer, LMHC, are the two clinicians at Pembroke Hospital on the Outreach Team with clinicians from several other community agencies.

The program’s objective is to provide services to individuals who have overdosed and refused treatment in an emergency room. Within 24 hours of an overdose victim’s discharge from the ER, a police officer and a clinician will visit the individual at their home between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The Outreach Team, if permitted into the home, will provide information on resources and offer treatment options. If the individual accepts treatment the team may facilitate a service location and transportation. If the individual declines treatment the Outreach Team clinician will discuss outpatient resources and referrals.

From AHS News, November/December 2016