Excerpts from letters from former Arbour Health System patients.


“Thank you very much for the program. I found it to be incredibly helpful and I think I will truly be able to use some of the DBT skills I have learned to make my life easier going forward. I have been in other programs before but found this one to be the most helpful for me. The staff as a whole were very good and seemed to work well together. Their different personalists and teaching styles were also highly effective. Again, thank you for the excellent job you are doing.”

Arbour-Fuller Hospital Patient

“I can’t think you enough for all of your help, support, guidance, optimism, professionalism and genuine care over the past few weeks. The PHP program and wonderful staff have been an authentic Godsend. Thank you for doing what you do and know that you are doing an awesome job!”

ACS, Worcester, Adult PHP Patient

“I’d like to thank you for your patience and kindness during my stay…You have very difficult jobs and your interactions with patients are very important. Thank you for your gentle care and understanding.”

Pembroke Hospital Patient


From AHS News, November/December 2015