On October 1, 2015, Massachusetts Chapter 258, “An Act to Increase Opportunities for Long-Term Substance Abuse Recovery” became effective. This Act removes prior authorization requirements for substance use treatment services for fully insured health plans in the state. Chapter 258 does not apply to those covered through government programs, self-funded employment-based health plans or coverage issued outside of Massachusetts. Insurance carriers must pay for “substance abuse treatment services” delivered by providers who are certified or licensed by the Department of Public Health without any prior authorization requirements.

Most Arbour Counseling Services outpatient centers are licensed by DPH’s Bureau of Substance Abuse Service and AHS hospitals including Arbour, Arbour-HRI and Arbour-Fuller offer programs for patients with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse. For more information on addictions treatment services offered by AHS organizations, please visit arbourhealth.com.
From AHS News, November/December 2015