Lowell Treatment Center joined the likes of corporate giants Kohls, PepsiCo, and Google in sustainability efforts when staff members planted a community garden in a patio adjacent to the building.

Begun by the dietary department, the 70 square foot container garden is packed with broccoli, two types of peppers, cilantro, lettuce and a variety of flowers and is maintained by staff and patients alike.

Director RJ Lawson noted, “The children here are very excited to see the plants grow and sprout. They feel proud they are taking care of these plants, some of which were transplanted directly from our dietary manager’s own garden.”

Lowell Treatment Center staff plan to use the produce to teach the patients the importance of healthy eating as well as help them understand what it takes to care for plants and make them grow. Staff members will incorporate those lessons and their applications to the patients’ lives into the treatment milieu.