The Quincy Center opened its doors Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at The Quincy Mental Health Center.

The new 18-bed High Intensity Unit is fully operational, with 14 single beds available. The Open House held on April 26th had high turnout, with more than 100 attendees from the surrounding area present.

The Quincy Center cares for male, female and transgender patients 18 years of age and older who are in need of targeted treatment designed to address the needs of individuals with severe behaviors and symptoms. The unit has the capacity to serve individuals who exhibit aggressive, assaultive behaviors or those who exhibit presentations including sexualized behavior or other high risk behavioral presentations. The unit was developed for individuals who consistently require close monitoring or intervention by staff beyond 1:1 observation to assure the safety of self, other patients on the unit and staff.

The milieu is designed as an interpersonal environment which contributes to patients’ recovery. Daily events, interactions and surroundings are purposefully structured to help patients learn more responsible ways of behaving and coping with problems. Treatment is multimodal and includes psychopharmacology, individual and group therapy, and occupational therapy enhanced by utilization of sensory interventions.