ACS, Lowell has begun offering a group for boys in sixth to ninth grade who have communication and/or social skills needs such as Asperger’s Disorder, PDD, non-verbal learning disabilities, are obsessive compulsive or have social immaturity.

Juliet Wheeler, LICSW, and Betsy Burger, MS, will lead the group, which runs Thursday evenings twice a month. Arbour Counseling Services, Lowell takes most insurances for its social skills group.

ACS, Lowell joins ACS, Rockland in offering a social skills group to adolescents. Arbour Counseling Services, Rockland has an Adolescent Social Skills Group for patients ages 13 and older who have autism. The subject matter for the group includes turn-taking, how to start and stop conversations, appropriate expression of feelings, advanced conversation skills, body language, inferencing, perspective-taking. Reduction of inappropriate social behavior and learning to recognize emotions and feelings in others are important goals.

For more information, please call Arbour Counseling Services, Lowell at (978) 453-5736 or Arbour Counseling Services, Rockland at (781) 871-6550.