The Arbour Health System Website has a new look – the first of several changes to be made to the newly launched site.
Since January, the Marketing Department has been working with  local outside vendor Pebblehaven to revamp in an effort to make the site more appealing to the eye and more user friendly.

The site is a work in progress. One of the major changes to the site is something that cannot be seen from the outside, explained Katie Gallagher, Marketing Communications Coordinator. “I am now able to make all of the text changes myself, which is a tremendous time saver,” she said. Previously, all changes were sent to corporate’s Internet Marketing offices in California. “The ability to make creative and timely changes on-site will help to make the site more user friendly,” Gallagher explained.

Some of the noticeable initial changes include a cleaner, more simplified homepage; the incorporation of AHS’s corporate branding colors; as well as updated text and photos. Additional changes will be made to the homepage and other areas of the site over time.

Behind the scenes, more changes have taken place that will make it easier for additional enhancements to be made in the future. The site is now equipped with a faster engine that makes it easier to change and add colors, images and video. The site is also set up with Google Analytics to track Web traffic and easily identify areas visitors are interested in and where they become disinterested and leave the site. Gallagher will also work with Pebblehaven to increase Search Engine Optimization so that AHS and its services get the proper attention when searching on the Web.