Arbour Counseling Services, Woburn is now offering Substance Abuse Evaluations (meeting requirements of section 24Q), a First Offender Driver Alcohol Education Program (DAEP), as well as a Second Offender Aftercare Program — all serving the North Shore and Greater Boston communities.

The DAEP is a program for individuals charged with a First Offense Driving Under the Influence violation. The program provides an opportunity for patients to review the impact that substance use has had in their lives. The goal of the program is to reduce the risk of future drinking and driving incidences through behavior and attitude modification. ACS, Woburn works with area courts and law enforcement to help clients to initiate and sustain meaningful change.

The program teaches patients about the impact of alcohol and other drug use on the community, families and loved ones. Psycho-education is used to increase awareness of signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction and cognitive behavioral therapy helps to implement behavioral changes and skill building to support reduction and/or elimination of alcohol use.

For more information on the program, please contact Aleta Robison, LMHC, Substance Recovery Program Manager, at 781-932-8114 ext. 356. Appointments for DAE services can be made by calling 781-932-8114 ext. 358.