Maintenance is typically week nine through an indefinite time period and can include:

  • Meeting with program physician generally once a month unless otherwise indicated.
  • Attending individual and/or group sessions at a frequency and level of care consistent with medical necessity.
  • Providing toxicological sample no less frequently than monthly

At any point during maintenance, a patient can decide to begin a tapering schedule. Factors to consider before initiating a taper include: stable housing and income, adequate psychosocial support, etc.

Tapering rate is determined between the patient and program physician and can be stopped at any point in the event that the patient experiences withdrawal and/or cravings and fears relapse. After successful recovery as evidenced by the patient’s compliance with a treatment plan, toxicological screens that are absent of all illicit substances/alcohol and consistent involvement in sober support systems, the patient is offered the opportunity to receive medication management services (no more frequently than monthly visits with program physician) or referral to community programs including aftercare counseling.

For Suboxone treatment assistance and admissions options please call the Arbour Counseling Services site nearest you.