Programs for children and adolescents are offered at most sites. Arbour Hospital, Arbour-Fuller Hospital, Pembroke Hospital and Lowell Treatment Center provide services for adolescents aged 12-18 years; The Boston Center offers services for children aged 5-12 as well as services for adolescents. These programs offer responsive community-based treatment which emphasizes close collaboration with family members and community providers in order to provide services in the least restrictive setting appropriate for the acuity of the presenting symptoms or behaviors.

The Child and Adolescent Services program components include crisis evaluation and intervention, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services including school consultation and home-based or community services. The following is a list of services and the locations at which they are offered:

Crisis Evaluation and Intervention

Arbour Hospital, Arbour-Fuller Hospital, Pembroke Hospital, Lowell Treatment Center

Adolescent Inpatient Treatment

Arbour Hospital, Arbour-Fuller Hospital, Pembroke Hospital

Child Partial Hospitalization

The Boston Center

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization

Pembroke Hospital, Lowell Treatment Center, The Boston Center

Outpatient Services

Arbour Counseling Services

Community Services
Family Stabilization Team Services
In-home Therapy
Therapeutic Mentoring
Individual Family and Flexible Support Services
Lowell Treatment Center, Arbour Counseling Services, Arbour-Fuller Hospital



Please contact our Intake Department for inpatient and partial hospitalization admission options. For outpatient admissions, contact the Arbour Counseling Services site nearest you.